6 Hidden Secrets Revealed When Beginning Yoga

What does it feel like to be truly Healthy?

Most of us associate being Healthy as not being Sick. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Before I found myself down the path of a Yogi I felt that I lived a Healthy life.

I wasn’t huge into partying in my 20’s but I did partake from time to time and had the hangovers accompanied from a fun night out. All my friends were doing it so I never noticed that time to time meant every weekend.

I was able to convince myself I was Healthy during the week by going to my gym and jogging occasionally. But truth is life gets in the way. I could easily justify not going for a jog due to bad weather.  Each winter I noticed myself making these excuses common place.

My mental health was dwindling and I never saw it coming. I started feeling like I didn’t have time to do things I wanted and I lost touch with myself.

That’s when a friend of mine suggested I give Yoga a try. My first impressions of Yoga was that it was kinda weird. As I mentioned I was a jogger and I carried this stigma with me that jogging was the superior exercise. I was reluctant to try Yoga but the trend was snowballing so I had to jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot.

I had cancelled my gym a few months back to save cash so I convinced myself I could dedicate that to a Yoga program. It was winter and the comfort of my home really appealed to me for starting a Yoga program.

Plus, I didn’t have to deal with driving to the gym or fear guys staring at me. I had no idea what I was getting into and I just wanted to save myself from embarrassment.

Luckily for me I fell in love. Here are 6 hidden secrets to Yoga I wish someone told me a long time ago!

1. Stress (The Invisible Monster)

Working full time, social engagements on the weekend, and housekeeping chores take up a lot of time. The first thing I noticed was a weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt a sense of freedom I hadn’t realized I was missing. The Meditation and breathing techniques cleared my mind and gave me a new Perspective.

After a session I found myself refreshed. It was like I had released pressure and loss of time. This was such a hidden benefit as problems just feel less pressing.

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ACTION STEP: Work on a breathing technique with ZERO distractions. Put your phone on airplane mode so no notifications come in. Let as much natural light in the room and feel Connected. This will greatly destroy the Stress you didn’t even know was there.



2. Increased Sexual Appetite

Yoga is closely related to Kamu Sutra. Some of the moves you can’t help but think how you could be putting them into action.

It’s no surprise that Yoga increases flexibility but I have found it also ignites an inner Animal Instinct. Some moves like the Happy Baby will have you daydreaming about Baby Making.

There is a certain sensual confidence associated with Yoga that sparks an inner flame. Plus the effort you put into Yoga has a direct relationship to how your body can look and feel.

ACTION STEP: Try seducing your significant other into learning some partnered Yoga poses. Dive into your Animal Instinct and be playful. Involving your intimate partner with Yoga moves will leave you with a rush of sensation.  The contact with your partner will free your inhibitions and further develop a deep connection.

3. Seriously Ripped Abs –

Traditional routines or like when I used to have my gym membership will have you believe that you must do thousands of sit ups to get a tight belly. Truth is many of the Yoga poses LENGTHEN your core muscles which crunches do not.

A long strong muscle is the most beneficial muscle of all. Many Yoga poses are directed around your core and the result is great for your abs! When you hold these stretched positions your muscles are experiencing things that traditional workouts just don’t address.

I was really pleased to see my stomach shrinking and tightening. When I began Yoga I had no intentions to develop 6 pack abs or anything but I really do love this secret benefit.

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ACTION STEP: Do a plank variation once a day. Planking is one the easiest yet difficult exercises there is. Try to hold a plank for at least 1 minute everyday. Build up in time and you will see your belly take a nice shape.

4. Yoga Helps you Poop

Millions of people suffer from constipation everyday. Constipation can be uncomfortable and even painful. The core movements and stretches Yoga demands can help loosen your intestines and promote movement.

In addition, you may also notice that Yoga helps with bloating. You’ll begin to notice that when you are living the Yogi lifestyle you will crave healthier foods and your digestive tract will thank you.

ACTION STEP: Incorporate fiber rich healthy foods to your diet. Try adding freeze dried fruit and hemp seeds to Greek Yogurt. This is a super easy and tasty health treat you can put together in a minute.

5. Freedom

My favorite thing about Yoga is that you can do it ANYWHERE. In fact you get addicted to the freedom and desire to practice in Mother Nature once you’ve memorized a routine.

A lot of my meditation and visualization involved water and the beach. The next obvious step for me was to go to the beach and do some Yoga. As you can imagine I felt exhilarated to be underneath the Sun with my toes in the sand feeling connected to the Earth doing Yoga.

But its not just going to the beach that is enticing. I do some simple poses at work to refresh myself when I need a break and I return ready and focused.

ACTION STEP: Where do you visualize yourself when you meditate? Why not plan a trip to a location that mirrors your inner mind. You will feel Freedom like never before when you connect your mind to the Earth.

6. Comfortable Living Space

After I had began noticing all the hidden benefits I became much more connected to Nature. I began researching other Spiritual practices like Feng Shui.

I had a desire to create a more tranquil space in my home. I began buying and placing plants around the house to remind me how I am one with Nature and connected to everything.

I feel like I am “paying it forward” as I water and nourish the plants around my home. Since I started on my Yogic path I have completely changed my living conditions and I feel really relaxed in my new space.

ACTION STEP: How can you declutter an area in your home? Which direction should you avoid due to your Feng Shui? Add one plant to your life. Learn about that plants need for water and sunlight and take pride in the new member to your home.

These are just a few hidden benefits I have noticed since I began my Yogic Journey. My overall Health and quality of life has increased drastically. I never knew how “sick” I was until I felt what it means to be Truly Healthy.

I’m a firm believer that if you practice Yoga and stick to routines you enjoy you will see your NOW transform into something organic and delightful.

P.S. Please share this article with a Friend if you enjoyed the read. If you have a friend that has been doing Yoga ask them if they have noticed any other Hidden Benefits.

P.P.S Here is a link to the video that started me on my path.

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